Clair de lune

Clair de lune

Long ago a harmonious universe existed beyond ours

and three divine arcana watched over it.

But one night a cursed arcana intersected the astral highways

and along with her star-crossed allies

they stole all harmony and hid it in their vile hearts.

Before the divine trio started to fade

they created a heroine from the shards of a broken heart

and hoped that she would one day be strong enough

to save their world.

-Clair de Lune- is the very first level of Sayonara Wild Hearts. It takes place on the Bittersweet Starway.

Level 1

Bronze: 5,000

Silver: 10,000

Gold: 15,000

Heart Coins: __

Square Coins: 2

Zodiac Riddles: Aries [Side B]: Achieved "No Rank!" in "Clair de Lune"

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