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Sayonara Wild Hearts is the pop album video game developed by Simogo Games and Annapurna Interactive. Its supporting platforms are the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade. Both the game and album were released digitally on all supported platforms on September 19, 2019.

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In an alternate universe watched over by three divine arcana of the Tarot (The High Priestess, The Hierophant, and The Empress), a cursed arcana named Little Death (Death), and her allies, the Dancing Devils (The Devil), the Howling Moons (The Moon), the Stereo Lovers (The Lovers), and Hermit64 (The Hermit), stole all harmony, and hid it in their hearts. Before the divine arcana began to fade, they created a heroine from the shards of a broken heart.

In a time near the present, there is a young woman whose heart has been violently broken. The heroine the divine arcana created transforms into a butterfly and flies to the young woman, who is resting in bed. The butterfly transports her to the alternate universe. Riding her longboard along an ethereal highway, she chases the butterfly, and upon capturing it, she transforms into a masked heroine (The Fool).

She then falls through a passage and arrives in a purple and pink city. She summons a motorcycle, and begins to ride through it. Weaving through cars, trams and buildings, she meets a trio of masked women, the Dancing Devils. They fight on the street, before riding through the city on motorcycles. The heroine chases and defeats each member of the trio in turn, and takes back their hearts. The heroine then travels to a mythical forest. With the help of a stag, she rides through the forest and meets the Howling Moons, a quartet of masked women. After she chases them the quartet transform into a pack of wolves, and the heroine equips her motorbike with dual automatic guns. The masked quartet jump into a large mechanical cerberus and a battle ensures, but the heroine destroys their mech, and claims the quartet's hearts.

The heroine is then transported to a tower, and upon climbing it, is transported to a floating city. She meets and fights a masked foe with a sword, who splits into two women, the Stereo Lovers. The foes then switch up the universe they are in every couple of seconds, but the heroine learns to do the same, and chases the duo through the city. She defeats them on top of a plane and claims their heart, before travelling to a desert. Driving a car through the night, she meets Hermit64, a foe wearing a virtual reality headset as a mask. The heroine travels into the hermit's virtual reality world, and obtains the heart trapped inside. Sailing across an ocean, she then arrives in a dark and rainy city.

There she meets a masked foe with a scythe, Little Death. The foe sends flying skulls after the heroine, but she summons a bow and shoots them down. She then defeats Little Death, but the foe's heart fragments reassemble into a gigantic final monster. After defeating it, the heroine transforms back into her former self, the young woman. She then imagines herself as each of her former foes, and proceeds to fight each in turn. Instead of defeating them however, she forgives them with a brief kiss. The divine arcana then tell the young woman that she has restored harmony to their world, and wish her farewell. She rides back to her world on her skateboard and arrives slightly older, but right back into her groove.

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All game elements are based off the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of a tarot deck.

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