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Sayonara Wild Hearts is the pop album video game developed by Simogo Games and Annapurna Interactive. Its supporting platforms are the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade. Both the game and album were released digitally on all supported platforms on September 19, 2019.

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In an alternate universe watched over by three divine arcana of the Tarot (The High PriestessThe Hierophant, and The Empress), a cursed arcana name Little Death (Death), and her allies, the Dancing Devils (The Devil), the Howling Moons (The Moon), the Stereo Lovers (The Lovers), and Hermit64 (The Hermit), stole all harmony and hid it in their hearts. Before the divine arcana began to fade, they created a heroine from the shards of a broken heart.

In a time near the present, a young woman's heart breaks so violently that it echoes through space and time, calling upon the heroine the divine arcana created. It transforms into a butterfly and flies to the heartbroken woman, who rests in her bedroom. The butterfly transports her to the alternate universe, where she chases the butterfly through the Bittersweet Starway on her longboard. Upon capturing it, she transforms into a masked heroine (The Fool).

She then falls through Heartbreak subspace and arrives in Hellhate Valley. She uses a tarot card to summon a motorcycle and begins to ride through the valley. Weaving through cars, trams and buildings, she finally meets the Dancing Devils, a trio of masked women. They fight on the street until the Devils ride away on their motorcycles, and the Fool pursues them. She defeats each member of the trio in turn and takes back their hearts. After she takes their hearts, the Fool opens another Heartbreak passage.

The passage opens into Woe Woe Woods, and with the help of a stag, she traverses the woods and meets the quartet of the Howling Moons. After she chases them they transform into a pack of wolves, and the heroine equips her motorbike with dual laser weapons. The masked quartet defend themselves with a large mechanical Cerberus and a battle ensues, but the Fool overpowers them and claims their hearts.

The Fool is then transported to the Tower in the Heartbreak subspace, and after reaching the top exits the subspace in Twilight Cry Sky. She meets a masked foe with a sword, and challenges her to a duel. The Fool seemingly wins the duel when she slashes her opponent down the middle, but actually split her into two people, the Stereo Lovers. This creates two parallel universes. They continue to flee by flying and the Fool pursues them. However, they switch between the two universes to create appearing and disappearing obstacles, but the heroine learns to do the same. With the Stereo Lovers powers combined, they use their swords to create a big sword and crush the Fool. When this proves unsuccessful, they transform it into a fighter jet to escape. She pursues them for the last time, dueling them until they're weak enough for her to claim their heart, and travels through the subspace out to a desolate road in the Desert of Doubts.

Driving a car through the night, The Fool meets Hermit 64, a foe wearing a virtual reality headset. She attempts to fight her, but the Hermit turns her into a game card and traps her in the virtual headset. Now digital, she traverses through a shifting environment. She finds the heart protected by deadly pixels, and after clearing the pixels obtains the heart. The Fool materializes outside of the virtual headset and defeats the Hermit. Finally, she reenters the subspace and sails across an ocean, arriving in the rainy Lovedead City.

There she finds Little Death, the cursed arcanum. She first summons lightning to keep the Fool on edge, and motorbikes away. The heroine pursues her through the gravity defying road, until Death attacks the Fool, sending flying skulls after her. The Fool easily parries using a bow she summoned with another tarot card. Little Death is apparently bored, and tries to attack again with her scythe and flurries of lightning. The Fool catches up to her and decks her hard enough to the point she projectile vomits herself away. Disgustingly, the heroine rides her vomit until Death recovers and makes a last attempt to kill her with her scythe. The Fool defeats her, sending her multiple heart fragments into the air. But the foe's fragments reassemble into a devilish flying monster. Death once again tries to defeat the heroine, but dies after struck in her cyclops eye.

The cyclops eye grows wings and warps itself and the heroine into the Arcana Expressway in Heartbreak subspace, summoning tarot cards to use against the her. After defeating it, the Fool transforms back into the young woman. The heart fragments of the heroine reassemble separately, making the young woman face her as a foe. The heroine transforms into the former foes and the young woman battles them in turn. When she defeats each of them, she briefly kisses them instead of obliterating them. The heroine then reverts back into the shard butterfly state, and the young woman pursues it through the subspace by riding a dragon. As she is flying through the subspace, the divine arcana spoke to the young woman, saying that she has restored harmony to their world, but must find her harmony, and wish her farewell. She longboards through Bittersweet Starway once again back to her world and floats into her bedroom, ultimately recovering from her heartbreak through self-acceptance, and falls back into her groove.

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All game elements are based off the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of a tarot deck.

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