The Stereo Lovers are pair of cursed Arcanum who are the personifications of The Lovers and allies with Little Death. They reside in Twilight Cry Sky and are the third Arcanum in the game that the Fool battles.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The duo's outfit consists of black dress shoes, dark blue pants and overalls, white button-up shirt, and black gloves. Each lover also wears half of a heart on their face.

Story[edit | edit source]

Heart and Swords

When first encountered at Twilight Cry Sky, the Stereo Lovers are seen as one person with a black and white heart mask. The Lovers offer a sword (Strength Arcana) to challenge the Fool to a sword fight. They battle until the Fool swings the sword down onto the Lovers and then they split into a pair of identical pairs with one half of the previous mask.

Parallel Universes

The Stereo Lovers demonstrate their ability to swap universes at the snap of their fingers, as they try to eliminate the Fool by catching her off-guard. The Fool bobs and weaves remembering where the obstacles are until the Fool figured out how to use the Lovers' power. Realizing that swapping universes wouldn't work on the Fool, the Stereo Lovers retreat until the final confrontation.


The Fool and the Stereo Lovers confront each other for the last time. The Fool chases the Lovers while the Lovers attempt to shake the Fool off their tail. The Lovers pull out their swords and attempts to strike the Fool down, but the Fool was able to parry their swords. The Lovers attempt to throw everything at the Fool, from increasing their sword size and smashing buildings to make it difficult for the Fool to chase them, but the fool was relentless. At a last resort, the Lovers combine their swords and turn it into a large airplane at the cost of their defensive power, as they fly off into the sky. The Fool turns her sword into a plane as well and flies to them in pursuit. The Fool dodges the Lovers attacks and the stray buildings and finally strikes the Lovers down and retrieves their heart.

Wild Hearts Never Die

The Lovers appear one last time with a similar appearance to the Fool, and challenges them to sword fight. The Fool was able to use her longboard to disarm the Lovers and plants a powerful kiss on the Lovers cheek. Absorbing and accepting them as a part of her.

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